Incredible Diy Concrete Side Table Ideas

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Incredible Diy Concrete Side Table Ideas. The basic process is spraying a face coat into a mold and then hand packing concrete on top of the face coat that contains glass fibers. Choosing a mix for this concrete coffee table you can diy.

10 DIY Coffee Table Ideas on a Budget Simphome
10 DIY Coffee Table Ideas on a Budget Simphome from

Use acetate to line the cardboard ring, to give the sides of the concrete a smooth finish. We wanted the tabletop to be three inches tall, so. Measure and mark two 2x4s each 11 inches high.

Our Mould Has A Diameter Of 38Cm And We Used A Ratio Of 2 Parts Sand To 1 Part Cement, Using Approximately 8 Cups Of Sand And 4 Cups Of Cement.

Some recipes recommend using a piece of chicken wire in the bottom to reinforce it, but after trying…. This cement overlay is so easy to do. First, you’ve gotta mix that concrete up!

Includes Full Step By Step Tutorial And Project Plans.

Lay the form bottom on a table. For the most part, it worked out great. The shorter pieces connecting the legs are 24″ long finished.

Fill The Mold With Concrete Until It Is Full.

Do this by first drilling six pilot holes in a line on the long sidewall. Space the pilot holes equally apart and 3/8 inches from the edge of the long sidewall. Now onto the fun part, mixing the concrete!

Then, Drill In A Handful Of Screws — Just Be Sure Not To Drill All The Way Through.

Concrete side table step 1: This will help create a stronger mitered joint. The easiest way to cut the board is to measure, mark, then score using a straight edge.

The 4 Legs Are 26 1/2″ Long Cut At A 10 Degree Angle At The Top And The Bottom.

Ask for one at a local concrete products dealer (do an online search for “concrete countertop mix”). Our tables cost less than $50 to make and the shape options are virtually limitless! Face the pocket holes up so that they will be covered by the concrete paver.

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