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Famous How Long Does Home Inspections Take Ideas. In some cases, you may be able to accompany the home inspector during the process so he or she can explain their findings as they go. It’s not uncommon for a home that’s 3500 square feet to take 4 to 5 hours to inspect due to the size and number of systems present.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take & What Happens Next? Clever Real
How Long Does a Home Inspection Take & What Happens Next? Clever Real from listwithclever.com

A condo inspection can be finished in 1 to 1.5 hours. According to home inspector insider, the average home inspection takes between two to three hours. On average, a thorough home inspection should take between 2 and 2.5 hours to complete.

An Experienced Home Inspector Can Inspect A 1000 Square Foot Home In Roughly An Hour And A Half, And You Can Expect An Extra 30 Minutes Per Additional 500 Square Feet On Top Of That.

Inspection take asked gumercindo buetas last updated 9th march, 2020 category automotive auto safety 4.7 167 views votes this will vary depending the type premises being inspected, however, most inspections take between one. The official report will take a couple of days to complete. Conversely, the poorer the condition of the house, the longer the inspection will take.

A Condo Inspection Can Be Finished In 1 To 1.5 Hours.

How long does the inspection take? The inspector will examine the home inside and out, looking for. To estimate how much time the inspection could take, add.

However, Garvey Says That A Very Large Home Could Take Much Longer.

The larger the home, the longer the inspection will take, with a good rule of thumb being that for every 1,000 square feet, the inspector should spend about one hour. With the market the way it is right now, many buyers are opting out of a home inspection. However, how long a home inspection takes depends on so many factors.

* Size Of The House:

As a general rule of thumb, every 500 square feet is an additional 30 minutes. How long does a home inspection take, and what is the cost? For example, larger homes, such as a 3,000 square foot, will take about three hours.

It’s Important To Note That The Exact Time Depends On The Overall Size Of Your Home—The Bigger The Home, The Longer The Inspection.

As a rough estimate, a home inspection of 1500 square feet should take around one hour to complete. Of course, for the reasons mentioned above, this time could change. Generally, it is said to take about an hour per 1000 square feet.

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