Latest Bathroom Window Curtain Ideas

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Bathroom windows need just as much attention to detail as any other window in a home. In fact, it is an opportunity to be creative with this type of window treatment. Most bathroom windows are sized slightly smaller than their counterparts in the rest of...

Popular Bathroom Window Valances Ideas

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When most people buy their first house, they start to think if there is a way to make it more comfortable and more welcoming. They also want a place where they can find themselves at home. If you are average in this sense then there...

Simple Bathtub Shower Combo Design Ideas

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Most people love the option of taking a bath compared to a shower and while many people do not have the time to do this on a regular basis, a tub can provide you with some great moments of relaxation. You may think that you...

Best Beadboard Backsplash Kitchen Designs

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It’s less formal than raised panels, but is right at home in a country or rustic environment. Beadboard is versatile enough that it looks good in just about any room in the house. You can find it in 4 ft. by 8 ft. panels in...

Unique Basement Room ideas

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Here are some great ideas for your basement. Everyone is always interested in turning that neglected basement into a room that is useful and here are some suggestions you might try: 1) Poker Room – The basement is a perfect place to set up a...

New Bathroom Wall Stickers Ideas

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The benefits are impressive, easy to put up, easy to take down, easy to alter, no need to wear protective clothing, no mess, no fuss etc etc. But as with all truly impressive creations, it is the opportunity to go off-piste and experiment with different...

Comely Bathroom Shelves Ideas

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The shower is often an area that is littered with shampoo bottles, razors, gels, etc… This can get a little annoying as you have to wade through things to find your stuff just to take a shower. If you make use of shower shelving, you...

Attractive Bathroom Tables Ideas

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Whether a home is brand new or is being redecorated, there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to fixtures and wall hangings. The bathroom is one area that is often overlooked when it comes to adding some flair. It should not...

Wonderful Basement Home Theater Designs

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Many homeowners who dream of having their own theater room in their home think of the idea as lavish and simply assume they do not have room for such a luxury in their home. However, many homeowners have thought outside the box and come up...

Terrific Barn Wood Wall Ideas

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An old barn that is scheduled for demolition offers a wealth of opportunities for the resourceful. Interior beams, joists, and floor boards can be salvaged and restored to their original glory. Uses for the exterior siding are a little more limited, after a lifetime in...