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Review Of Staff Of Homa Genshin Reddit References. It has perfect synergy with these characters, especially hu tao who gets amplified crit dmg from this weapon as. Source of the fan art about hu tao, zhongli and thoma competing for staff of homa.


You guys think the staff of homa is gonna be in 1.3? The odds are pretty low. Second, probably given that that did not mention a new 5* polearm in the livestream.

Learn About Staff Of Homa, Its Attack Power, Bonus Effects, Rarity, The Best Characters To Use It, And All Needed Ascension Materials In This Weapon Guide!

If youre unlucky you can use the safety net epitomized path and if youre lucky you could even get hu tao c1. R5 favonius lance is the best for burst support since he can generate much more particles now. And staff of homa or other 5 star spear will cap out your hp percentage and attack scalling which has been quite strictly limited if using four star weapons.

Staff Of Homa Is A Polearm In Genshin Impact.

You have enough fates saved to get a guaranteed staff of homa. You need to be <50% hp for the staff of homa to be better than the vortex. But if you really don't have anything for those.

Vortex Vanquisher With Full Stack Is Still The Best For Zhongli.

So people can be invested enough to spend loooots of money to get more than one homa while also not being able to be invested enough to google staff of homa, huh? But for f2p freindly weapons i would suggest nothing especially the forged ones, except you could afford a blackcliff pole or spend 5 dollars for a deathmatch also would be a great substitue for homa. Today in genshin impact we're doing several dumb things in quick succession in order to max our new staff of homa for our new hu tao.twitch:

I Know It’s Built For High Hp Characters Like Zhongli But The Increased Atk When Hp Lowers Surely Would Be Good For Xiao Since His Hp Drains With The Ult?

The spike in sales was split between the dates of homa's banner start and hu tao's banner start. Staff of homa for xiao; Who?watch me live on twitch at :

Previous Staff Of Homa Boosted Weapon Event Wish(Es) :

护摩之杖) is a liyue polearm. 5% additional hp increase, 0.2% extra atk bonus, and 0.2% extra low hp. Staff of homa has had two rerun banners both coinciding with hu tao.

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